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he Old Spice Fresher collection of scents is all about discovering the freshness of nature, but after you've trekked to the most remote places on earth and you've made it home you'll discover that the freshness was inside of you the whole time because you're already great, you just smell sometimes, but that's okay. The Old Spice Fresher Collection smells like a place where you don't need to wear pants or shoes or say hello to coworkers you don't like at the coffee machine. Old Spice Men's Fiji Antiperspirant Deodorant fights sweat 24/7 with daily use. So bring the scent of your adventures home or smell like the adventures you haven't ventured yet. We won't judge. Just do you, guy.

  • Old Spice Fiji Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men, 2.6 oz has 24/7 LASTING FRESHNESS* with daily use
  • Helps ELIMINATE Odors Instead of Just Masking
  • Ridiculously Long Lasting Scents
  • The freshness of the scent of a trip to Fiji with Palm Tree without the baggage handling fees.

Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men Fiji, 2.6 oz

SKU: 14237856
1 Quart
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