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These earplugs are designed to provide hearing protection in a variety of situations, including sleeping, loud noise, concerts, construction, heavy machinery, music, and other noisy environments. They're also great for creating silence whenever you need it. The jar contains 50 pairs, making it easy to take them with you wherever you go. The smooth, comfortable, extra soft, and extra light foam material tapers to your ear canal for a custom fit, ensuring maximum comfort for extended use. These earplugs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for convenient and effective hearing protection.

  • HEARING PROTECTION: for Sleeping, Loud Noise, Concerts, Construction, Heavy Machinery, Music, and other loud environments. Also great for creating silence
  • CONVENIENT: Jar holds 50 Pairs, Easy to Take Anywhere
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Smooth, Comfortable, Extra soft and extra light foam that tapers to your ear canal for a custom fit

Flents Protechs Quiet Please Sleep Ear Plugs, NRR 29 (50 Pair)

SKU: 130979761
1 Quart
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