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Light this Coleman 70+ Hour Outdoor Citronella Green Lantern to add ambiance to your outdoor spaces. This light and easy to travel candle is perfect for your camping supplies, picnic supplies and patio accessories. This citronella candle features a classic outdoor lantern design to provide a vintage look and keep nights peaceful. An easy-grasp handle makes this citronella lantern convenient to carry. The metal handle doubles as a hanger for this outdoor citronella candle. Protect your Coleman lantern from rain and debris with the reusable cap. Use this camping candle lantern for 70+ hours of burn time at campsites and picnic areas, or your next outdoor activity. Welcome back to the great outdoors, made better with Coleman

  • One 6.7 oz Coleman 70+ Hour Outdoor Lantern
  • Keep this camping lantern with your other camping accessories to have it ready for your next camping adventure
  • Long lasting candle uses citronella oil as a naturally occurring mosquito repellent
  • Outdoor candle lantern features a classic lantern shape for a peaceful ambiance to take along with your camping gear
  • This Coleman Outdoor citronella candle with easy grip handle allows for easy carrying that doubles as a hanger

Coleman Citronella Candle Outdoor Lantern - 70+ Hours, 6.7 Ounce

1 Quart
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